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IGN Review: Stranger Things Pinball 6 Radical, Hi Tech Features

IGN Review: Stranger Things Pinball 6 Radical, Hi Tech Features 300 168 GAD Vending
We unbox Stern Pinball’s Stranger Things Premium machine featuring a projector, an interactive demogorgon toy, and a fancy Eleven telekinesis ball lock. This machine comes in several models, including the Pro model that lacks the projector. Under the hood Stranger Things also represents something special: Designer Brian Eddy, made two of pinball’s best games ever, Attack from Mars and Medieval madness, way back in the 90s. This is his first game in over 20 years, and it feature a lot of the same elements: Central interactive toy, fan pattern shots, and fast, smooth, fun gameplay. When it’s safe to go out again in your area, we hope you’ll get some quality time with Stranger Things. Until then, this Premium model is available now from Stern Pinball for an MSRP for $7699.99. So maybe you could land one in *your* garage and save some quarters.
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Stranger Things Pro pinball machine is one impressive machine

Stranger Things Pro pinball machine is one impressive machine 850 500 GAD Vending

Since Stranger Things is set in the 1980s, the characters that show centers on would be pretty familiar with arcades and, more specifically, pinball. It only makes sense, then, that Stranger Things would get its own pinball machine here in 2019. Yes indeed, manufacturers are still making new pinball machines, but these days they’re as much a luxury item as they are arcade machines, so if you want to own this, expect to pay a pretty penny.

The Stranger Things pinball machine is made by Stern and comes with a number of bells and whistles. The bells and whistles you get with your machine depend on which version you buy. There are three in all: the Pro, Premium, and Limited Editions.

Regardless of the edition you buy, you’ll get a playfield that’s been outfitted in “hand-drawn art” along with a Demogorgon bash toy. It seems that the playfield has a fair number of moving parts, as Stern says that the Demogorgon is “guarded by drop targets and a rotating ramp.” The game rules even allow players to be transported to the Upside Down.

On top of that, the Premium and Limited Editions have a projector that will display images and animations on the playfield. In those models, there are also segments of the board that can lock your ball in place, representing Eleven’s telekinetic powers from the show. The Limited Edition, as you might imagine, pulls out all the stops, with custom cabinet artwork, mirrored backglass, anti-reflection pinball glass over the playfield, a shaker motor, and an autographed bottomed arch.

The Limited Edition really is limited too, as Stern will only be making 500 units and giving each of them a numbered plaque. Regardless of the edition, you wind up buying, you’ll be spending some serious cash, as the Pro Edition – the entry-level model, if you want to call it that – has an MSRP of $6,099. The Premium Edition has an MSRP of $7,699, while the Limited Edition will run $9,099. You can find more information about this pinball machine (including details on where to buy it) over on our website.