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The right vending machine in the right location with right mix of choices can be profitable to you, the route owner. Work with Greater America Distributing. We bring the right resources to support you.

Crane Vending is recognized as the leader in the vending machine business. Defend your current locations and increase consumer traffic with the best selection of the new Crane cashless options. Attract, engage and repeat consumers while taking greater control of your business with our full line of integrated vending products. Crane automates the stock watch, and GAD keeps your machines in working order.

Crane offers various single and combo vending machine options. Candy vending machines. Soda vending machines. Coffee vending machines (with remarkably great coffee). Snack vending machines. Healthy option vending machines. Whatever you can dream for your route, GAD and Crane can offer!

GAD is a distributor that believes your equipment needs are often immediate, so we stock equipment and parts. We have multiple sales and warehouse locations strategically set throughout the Midwest including Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. We can respond quickly. Ask us for a current available in-stock list of Crane vending machines. We'll help you get your location paying off fast.

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VOCE Coffee

Crane VOCE

Merchant Media Combo

crane combo

Merchant Media Snack

Dixie Narco Bev Max

crane bex max


As the future becomes the present, the evolving technology of the vending industry creates new revenue opportunities and capability for vending companies to engage consumers who may never have considered a vendor product in the past.

Sell you audience what they want! Snacks, drinks, bottle water, healthy options or candy. Configure the type of product and the payment systems to fit your needs. AMS and GAD Vending know vending.

AMS vendors are built with state-of-the-art materials and technology. Purposely designed to be rugged, reliable, and reasonably priced. The interchangeability of parts means we stock fewer part types, so we can stock more. It also means you can change configurations quickly.

Partner with Greater America Distributing and AMS vending today.

Wide Gem Snack

AMS wide Gem Snack

AMS The Outsider


AMS Healthy Vend

AMS health

AMS Combo

AMS Multi Tasker


No matter where in the world your business is located, the vending machines supplied by USelectIt are perfect for expanding the reach of your vending route brand and bringing in additional revenue. Whether you are buying your first vending machine or are looking to widen your vending presence, our affordable vending machines will have you turning a profit in no time.

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USelectIt are as easy to operate as they are to maintain, our combination vending machines are ideal for all types of establishments, both large and small. From waiting rooms too break areas, our products provide the best in refreshment when it is needed most.

Vend candy. Vend drinks. Vend hot coffee. Vend water. Vend healthy snacks. Vend whatever fits your audience – in single stock vending machines or combo vending machines!

Partner with Greater America Distributing and USelectIt today.

USI Evoke 5


USI Alpine 5000


USI Alpine Coffee

USI Geneva Coffee

USI Alpine Combi

USI alpine-combi


For over 75 years, SandenVendo America, Inc. has delivered smiles to consumers-on-the-go all over the world with the push of a button. After they revolutionizing the convenience industry with the creation of the world’s first vended beverage machine in 1937, SVA has continued to make advancements in the vending field that blend modern design with technology.

Today, SVA is the world’s largest producer and distributor of electronic, high-capacity, chilled drink beverage machines. 

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Vendo GGFV

VENDO 621 Live Display


VENDO 721 Live Display


We can help! Need new vending equipment fast? Want used equipment? Need parts? Service? Greater America Distributing can do it all.