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Cashflow 7000 Coin Manager


MEI CASHFLOW Series 7000 Coin Manager
With the introduction of MEI CASHFLOW series 7000, MEI has created an entirely new product category — the Coin Manager. The coin manager is not just focused on accepting and paying out coins. It combines traditional coin acceptance and changer functions with tracking and diagnostic abilities. These new design and management features give you the tools and business information you need to better manage your cash and increase your profits. Cashflow 7000 Coin Manager

TRC Series-TRC6512 Multi-Drop Bus Coin Changer
TRC6512 coin changers help you increase sales and lower your cost of ownership. With accurate and reliable coin acceptance, easily-accessible and time-saving diagnostic and service functions, increased change capacity, and protection against salting, TRC6512 coin changers help you make more profit from your vending machines. TRC Series-TRC6512 Multi-Drop Bus Coin Changer

TRC Series-TRC6000/6010 MicroMech Coin Changer
TRC6000 coin changers use MEI's exclusive "IntelliTrac™" coin tracking technology to provide superior coin acceptance during years of reliable use. The TRC6000 coin changer's switch-programmable options allow you to customize coin changers for each location. TRC6000 coin changers can be configured to accept U.S.A. and Canadian coins, or U.S.A. coins only, and it can accept both U.S.A. and Canadian dollar coins. TRC Series-TRC6000/6010 MicroMech® Coin Changer

TRC Series-TRC6800 Coin Changer
Developed for single-price applications, MEI's TRC6800 coin changers use microprocessors designed specifically for increased reliability so they'll help you lower operating expenses and increase profitability. Smart change-making capabilities help minimize lost sales caused by out-of-change conditions. TRC6800 coin changers can be tuned in the field to accept U.S.A. dollar coins. TRC Series-TRC6800 Coin Changer

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