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 March 2008

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We are a factory authorized MEI warranty service center. 

MEI Series 2000 Combo Acceptor

MEI series 2000 Combo Acceptor

The MEI series 2000 combo acceptor integrates the industry-leading MEI series 2000 bill validator with a debris-resistant, swipe-style credit card reader. The MEI combo acceptor will accept credit card, debit card, cash or MEI coupons.






 Series 2000-AE2400 Bill Acceptor

For reliable acceptance of $1, $2 and $5 bills, the MEI Series 2000 AE2400 bill acceptor is the ideal choice. Like all Series 2000 bill acceptors, the AE2400 bill acceptor uses advanced optical sensing technology for accurate acceptance of legitimate bills in virtually any condition.


Series 2000-AE2400 Bill Acceptor

Series 2000-AE2600 Downstacker Bill Acceptor

If you have a game that requires a downstacking bill acceptor, the MEI Series 2000 AE2600 Downstacker bill acceptor is for you. AE2600 Downstacker bill acceptors provide all the performance and capabilities of the AE2600 Upstacker bill acceptor in a downstacking configuration that's perfect for many amusement machine applications. Like its upstacking sibling, the AE2600 Downstacker bill acceptor accepts $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 bills with its advanced optical sensing system.

Series 2000-AE2600 Downstacker Bill Acceptor

Series 2000-AE2600 Upstacker Bill Acceptor

Want a Series 2000 bill acceptor but need $10 and $20 bill acceptance? The MEI Series 2000 AE2600 Upstacker bill acceptor is for you. Like other Series 2000 bill acceptors, the AE2600 Upstacker bill acceptor uses optical sensing technology for accurate, reliable bill acceptance. AE2600 Upstacker bill acceptors are compatible with older MEI bill acceptors-such as the GL5 and AL4 series-so they make a great drop-in replacement.

Series 2000-AE2600 Upstacker Bill Acceptor

Series 2000-VN2500 Bill Acceptor

VN2500 bill acceptors from MEI provide accurate, reliable acceptance of $1, $2 and $5 U.S. bills. With advanced optical sensor technology and a streamlined bill path, VN2500 bill acceptors offer unmatched reliability and accuracy while they virtually eliminate bill jams. MEI's VN2500 bill acceptors help customers complete their transactions on the first try and bring greater revenue and profits to operators across the nation.

Series 2000-VN2500 Bill Acceptor

MEI Vending Coupon

Vending Value Coupons Introduced in October, 2002, the MEI coupon solution uses a unique security coding process to prevent coupons from crossing into competing companies' operations. The MEI coupon program provides custom generic and generic coupons for free vends or dollar value vends.
MEI's leading-edge optical sensing technology for coupons provides the following benefits:

  • High first-pass acceptance
  • Four-way coupon acceptance
  • Easy enabling/disabling
  • Simple upgrade with bill programming module (BPM)
  • Unique security coding system for each Operator/Bottler (like vending machine keys)
  • Easy ordering process
  • Economical customization for your company

Any MEI unit built after November of 1999 can be easily upgraded. The coupon is pre-programmed in all VN2500  and AE2400 bill acceptor units built after October 2002. The AE2600 series came with coupon acceptance from the factory after week 44 of 2003.



MEI Compatibility Charts 2004-pdf

MEI Compatibility Charts 2007-xls

MEI Switch Charts

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