Golden Tee LIVE 2013
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Golden Tee LIVE is designed for commercial use, and uses groundbreaking wireless data transmission technology that allows players to compete in worldwide contests, track their play stats, and a host of other online game features.

Pitting video golfers across the world in head-to-head contests for prizes or glory, Golden Tee LIVE takes excitement to new heights by combining it with real-time competition. From the comfort of their local taverns and restaurants, tens of thousands of players can play live and compete simultaneously while scores are updated universally, hole-by-hole.

Golden Tee LIVE 2013 introduces five brand new 18-hole courses that incorporate the most favored aspects that players love. These new courses bring the total number of selectable courses to an impressive 40. Graphics and game performance have been enhanced across the board, making Golden Tee LIVE 2013 more powerful than any home system.

  • Vitals:
  • Forty courses available for play
  • Enhanced Hi-Def graphics
  • Antialiasing and anistropic filtering
  • New balls, clubs, tees and clothing
  • Updated user interface
  • Individual and local stats screens
  • Proven prize play formats
  • Online and offline game modes
  • FACTS LIVE and AdWiz LIVE compatible
  • Much more!

Purchasing Info and Specs
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Incredible Technologies appreciates your interest in its award-winning products.

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Golden Tee LIVE 2013 is available in the innovative, new Showpiece™ cabinet. The Showpiece cabinet represents the future of coin-operated entertainment cabinetry and offers an unparalleled level of flexibility and sophistication to the marketplace.

The Showpiece cabinet ships without a monitor or stand, leaving the installation process customizable to the vast needs of today's modern operator.

Showpiece Audio and Video Connections Guide
Including information on:

  • HDTV Main Game Display - The Showpiece cabinet is compatible with a vast array of readily available, 720p (or better) hi-definition televisions with flexible options for connectivity.

  • Optional Secondary Monitor - Golden Tee LIVE 2013 offers compatibility for a secondary monitor setup to display unique leaderboards and screens. The Showpiece cabinet is compatible with standard LCD computer monitors to accomplish this.

  • Audio Connectivity Options - The Showpiece cabinet ships complete with an installed speaker solution but is flexible enough to give installers the option to enhance the audio experience utilizing HDTV speakers.

Showpiece Cabinet A/V Connections Guide*

Monitor Mounting Solutions

New Integrated Stand from Incredible Technologies!
The affordable Integrated Stand was designed especially for the IT Showpiece cabinet. The strong and sturdy metal stand is easy to assemble, and attaches securely to the Showpiece cabinet. The dual-post system can hold almost any 32"-50" HDTV. The end result is a complete, elegant and uniform game unit. 

View Installation Manual* 
Watch the Integrated Stand Video

Other Monitor Mounting Solutions
The flexibility of the Showpiece cabinet lets operators tailor their monitor mounting needs to that of the location. Whether mounting on a stand or a wall, Incredible Technologies has a list of suggested solutions and installation procedures. 

View Recommended Mounting Solutions*

Third Party Cabinet Notice
Please note that IT cannot and will not be responsible for any potential or actual liability related to the use of third-party or modified IT cabinets, or monitor mounting systems. 

View Third Party Cabinet Notice*

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Golden Tee LIVE 2013
Showpiece™ Cabinet with Stand
Length: 53.25"
Width: 25.5"
Height: 85.75"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Golden Tee LIVE 2013
Showpiece™ Cabinet Only
Length: 29.6"
Width: 24.5"
Height: 38.6"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Golden Tee LIVE 2013 Cabinet Dimensions 

PRICE LIST (This unit is for commercial applications only)

Golden Tee LIVE 2013
Showpiece™ Cabinet: $3,745 Or Less
Showpiece Transfer Cabinet: $1,745 Or Less
Integrated Stand (with purchase of Showpiece): $395 Or Less
Online Full Kit: $2,445 Or Less
Online Full Kit with Control Panel: $2,745 Or Less
Software Update:

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